For our winter vacationers who are in Lefkada or generally in northwest Greece and would like a tandem flight we have a special flight area in our program.

A passenger flight is offered in the Pindos Central Mountains in Ioannina. The Mitsikeli massif is 25km wide and up to 1850m high.

Above Pamvotis Lake!

For this we have two starting places which we could head to depending on the wind conditions. In this beautiful flight area you have a view of Pamvotis Lake and the (deepest canyon in the world) Vikos.


After making an arrangement by telephone we will meet at our landing sites at Lake Pamvotis or in Perivleptos.

From there we will drive up to the launch sites in a minivan.

The flight begins after about 20 minutes at the top in which time we check the wind conditions on site again and then prepare when all looks good.

You have between 20 and 30 minutes to enjoy this beautiful landscape from the air.

In winter we have lower temperatures in the mountains and therefore you should be dressed accordingly. Sturdy shoes and gloves would be appropriate.

The basic requirement for our flights is always the right weather. Flexibility would be an advantage.

For more Infos just contact us !

• Starting place: “Mount Mitsikeli”

 Height: 850-1350 m

 Wind direction: W, (NW, SW)

 Landing: Lake, Fields

• Flight duration: between 20-30 min (SPECIAL FLIGHT)

• Flight video and photography

• Transfer to the starting places

• Optional transfer hotel

• Special prices for groups