Parga is a beautiful coastal town located on the north part of the Ionian Sea, and lies on the way from Igoumenitsa to Lefkada as you follow the coast southwards. It has long been a favored holiday destination for thousands of visitors from all over Europe, and is one of Greece’s most stunning. The town’s most distinguishing manmade feature are the ruins of an old castle on a cliff above the sea.

Just to spend some time and soak up the atmosphere of this small coastal town is fulfilling enough. Well, almost, if we were not paragliders that must combine flying with everything. And, lucky as we are there is a 500 meter high hill directly behind the town, on which a handful of local pilots some years ago cleared a starting place from which we can still start.

The first time I flew in Parga was in 2009, and I invited a few people from Skywalk, who used the backdrop of Parga for a photo shooting for their new 2010 paragliding models.

Information regarding flying in Parga

Parga and the 500 meter hill faces towards the south. With a weak prevailing main wind up to 3 beaufort you can also fly thermally. If you fly further down, you can soar above Parga and the castle ruins on the sea. Landing is always done on Valtos Beach. In the months of July and August the beach is very full, and therefore it is no longer possible to land there. In these two months one should not fly in Parga.

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