We are pleased to be able to announce a new tandem flight offer this year to those interested in flying.
Motorized high flights over the island of Lefkada.
Usually these flights will take place early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the air is calm.
Our 360 flight is the highest in our program and is suitable for people who can tolerate a longer period of time in the air.
Enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the entire island of Lefkada!
No special requirements are necessary for the passenger. Simply follow the instructions of your pilot.


After we have informed ourselves about the weather and wind conditions, we get in touch with our guests and organize transport to the launch sites. Once there, we are welcomed by our pilots and then we can start right away.

• Starting point: “Beach, Meadow”

• Altitude: sea level

• Wind Direction: Flexible

• Landing: Beach

• Flight duration: 30 min

• Flight video and photography

• Transfer to the starting places,

• Optional hotel transfer

• Special prices for groups