This flight stretches across Lefkada’s entire west coast.

Across the westcoast!

It can only take place when the weather gods grant us the exact suitable weather, which is a cross-regional west wind with the strength of 4 Beaufort. With this condition we are able to fly south of Athani and back.

In front of Athani !

Flights of this caliber are suitable for people who are not afraid of heights and are eager to take a flight of longer duration. Flight altitudes of 1000m above sea level are not uncommon


• Starting place: “Sunset”

 Height: 800m

 Wind direction: W, SW)

 Landing: beach

• Flight duration: 1 Hour +

•  Free Flight video

• Free Transfer to the starting places

• Fly at the same time untill 10 persons

• Free transfer hotel 

Free Drone-Photo package

• Special prices for groups