Come fly with us above the beautiful blue sea on the Island of Lefkada.

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It is possible for everyone to take a tandem flight, whether old, young, light, heavy, big or small.


For the passenger, no previous knowledge or abilities is required.

After assuring that the wind conditions are appropriate, we put the equipment (helmet, harness, etc.) on, and make a final check. When the wind is right, we will be in the air within a few steps.

During the flight the passenger is in front of the pilot. In flight we have time to take pictures, or make a video, and simply enjoy the amazing scenery; sea, mountains, sky, sun! When we prepare to land, all the passenger needs to do is stand up.


Good spirit!
Solid shoes is a good idea, depending on the location of the flight.


We bring you in our “tandem shuttle”.


All of our equipment complies with strict European safety standards. Our pilots have been flying paragliders and taking lucky passengers on tandem flights for many years.  

Together with this wonderful experience,you can get your professional photography .
In order to keep the magic of the moment alive!!

We accept credit-debi cards, onlinepayment and cash !

All our prices contain 24% value added tax

 So, just come fly with us, and fill the dream of free flight!

Since paragliding is weather dependent we request that you be flexible during your stay since we always try to choose the best day for you!


It starts directly from our privat Take off place above Exanthia with a height of 800m. From there, the beach of Pefkoulia is usually headed for.

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Starting place: “Sunset”

Height: 800m

Wind direction: W, (NW, SW)

Landing: beach

Flight duration: between 10 and 15 minutes

Flight video and photography

Transfer to the starting places

Optional transfer hotel

Special prices for groups


An extra class passenger flight is offered here!


Our “Special flight” is suitable for everyone who has ever had a tandem flight and is looking for an upgrade, but also for our guests who choose a flight that stands out from the regular standard flights.

Approaching the coast after 8km flight !

There is an 8 km flight over Lefkada’s west coast. For this we use our private launch site (SUNSET) which is located at an altitude of 800m.

Our new route, which we have in our program this year gives passengers a unique, never-before-seen view of Lefkada’s west coast, which you can enjoy again and again with the included fly video!

Ideal wind conditions during the flight give the aviators the opportunity to maintain the altitude and to fly over the turquoise sea.

• Starting place: “Take off Sunset”

• Height: 800m

• Wind direction: W, (NW, SW)

• Landing: Beach

• Flight duration: between 20 and 30 minutes

• Flight video and photography

• Transfer to the starting places

• Optional transfer hotel

• Special prices for groups !

V .I .P. flight

This flight stretches across Lefkada’s entire west coast.

Across the westcoast!

It can only take place when the weather gods grant us the exact suitable weather, which is a cross-regional west wind with the strength of 4 Beaufort. With this condition we are able to fly south of Athani and back.

In front of Athani !

Flights of this caliber are suitable for people who are not afraid of heights and are eager to take a flight of longer duration. Flight altitudes of 1000m above sea level are not uncommon!

• Starting place: “Sunset”

 Height: 800m

 Wind direction: W, SW)

 Landing: beach

• Flight duration: 1 Hour +

• Flight video and photography

• Transfer to the starting places

• Optional transfer hotel

• Special prices for groups


These are motorized passenger flights that we have added as an alternative to our existing passenger flight offers

We usually offer this type of flight late in the evening, early in the morning or even on windless days and would also be suitable for people who are less flexible due to time constraints.

No requirements are imposed on the passenger. Just sit down and take off.

For our paramotor flights we have a few different fields available which we control individually depending on the wind direction and wind speed.


After we have informed ourselves about the weather and wind conditions, we get in touch with our guests and organize transport to the launch sites. Once there, we are welcomed by our pilots and then we can start right away.

• Starting point: “Beach, Meadow”

• Altitude: sea level

• Wind Direction: Flexible

• Landing: Beach

• Flight duration: 20 min

• Flight video and photography

• Transfer to the starting places,

• Optional hotel transfer

• Special prices for groups

PHOTO PACKAGE (additional)

For special occasions such as birthdays or wedding flights, we offer professional DSLR photography in addition to our free flight video.

With the photo package, the entire flight event is recorded photographically. (Takeoff preparation and also from landing)

This photo package would also be suitable for our flying children and their parents, who are particularly happy about such a flight event.

The high-resolution image material is processed and sent on the same day.

About 30-40 pictures

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