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General terms and conditions of business and transport

Karakatsanis Theodoros Activetours.gr arranges and guides paragliding tandem flights. The company works exclusively with independent, experienced tandem pilots who, in the event of a flight, are themselves entrepreneurs of the service and contractual partners of the tandem passenger. The liable contractual partner is the tandem pilot who operates the flight.

Before the start of the flight, the tandem passenger (in the case of children, a legal guardian or an adult accompanying person) must carefully read the contract of carriage and confirm it with a signature. Immediately before take-off, the tandem passenger receives instruction on the take-off procedures from the pilot. If the tandem passenger does not understand this instruction or is able to follow it for any other reason, he must inform the pilot immediately.

Flight date and payment

The pilot determines the handling of the flight. He is also always responsible for the execution of the flight. We expressly point out that despite fixed dates, there is no entitlement to the implementation of the tandem flights if the prevailing weather conditions in the flight area do not allow this. In the event of a postponement or short-term cancellation, there is no entitlement to compensation, reimbursement or reimbursement of other expenses.

However, the right to catch up on the flight remains. Weather-related cancellations do not have to be objectively proven – the subjective impression of the responsible tandem pilot is sufficient. The flight duration always depends on several weather conditions and the desired flight style. As a result, no uniform flight time can be guaranteed. The flight route, the landing site and flight times can be changed at any time, primarily for safety or operational reasons, without the tandem passenger being entitled to compensation

Risk instruction and flying suitability of the tandem passenger

Despite the greatest care, accidents can still occur while paragliding. Our primary goal is to minimize this risk as much as possible The passenger undertakes to follow the pilot’s instructions in any case and immediately. The passenger receives a theoretical briefing before take-off. Failure to follow these instructions during take-off, flight and landing can endanger the passenger and pilot.

The pilot can also exclude the passenger from flight operations if the passenger ignores his instructions. In the event of a violation, there is no longer any entitlement to the implementation of the tandem flight, and the right to repayment of the flight fee expires. In the event of personal injury due to failure to follow instructions, the passenger is liable. The passenger is also liable for intentional or grossly negligent damage to the pilot’s equipment or to third parties.

The passenger expressly declares that he is physically and mentally healthy and confirms that he feels able to cope with the stresses and strains of the flight. If anything is unclear about the fitness to fly, the passenger must report this to the tandem pilot before the flight.

The pilot must be informed before the flight:

Limitations in the musculoskeletal system

Diseases of the heart, spine and high blood pressure

Tendency to seasickness Mental or psychological defects (drug addiction, impaired consciousness or the like) within the last 12 months

Drinking alcohol and taking strong medication within the last 12 hours

If there is any uncertainty about the fitness to fly, Activetours.gr undertakes to inform the tandem passenger about all the necessary requirements.


The tandem passenger undertakes to undertake the paragliding tandem flight only with the appropriate clothing (weatherproof and windproof, suitable for dirt), sturdy shoes, sunglasses, etc. The pilots provide tandem flight helmets and flight equipment.


Items carried on a tandem flight (such as money, cell phones, cameras, glasses and other valuables) must be properly secured or stowed away. If these should get lost or damaged, the pilots do not accept any liability. Activetours and the respective tandem entrepreneurs cannot be held liable for damage that occurs on the way to the starting points and from the agreed meeting point.

The pilots or Activetours are only obliged to pay compensation if the damage was caused by a grossly negligent or willful act / omission of the tandem pilot. The carrier’s liability is limited to the items of the passenger that are transported up to the amount of the insurance taken out for them. Claims that go beyond this can only be asserted in the event of willful intent or gross negligence.

Right to use image and film material

The passenger agrees that all photos and video recordings made during the tandem flight may be used by Activetours.gr for promotional purposes without restriction. The copyright lies with Activetours.gr

We would like to point out that the flight recordings are a free service. We always attach great importance to the smooth functioning of our cameras. Nevertheless, a technical problem could arise, e.g. (SD error battery, etc.). In such a case, no claims such as price reduction or repetition of a flight will be asserted.

Voucher – terms of payment and validity

By ordering a tandem flight voucher, the customer undertakes to pay the purchase price. This must be paid within seven days of receipt of the voucher without any deductions. When booking a tandem flight without a voucher, the price of the flight is only to be paid in cash immediately after the flight has taken place.

Vouchers expire two years after the date of issue. Special regulations are possible in individual cases by arrangement. The passengers bring the voucher / tickets with them on the day of the flight and hand them over to the pilots.

Right of withdrawal – cancellation costs

According to European consumer protection, claims for repayment of the purchase price can be asserted within 14 days of receipt of the voucher without giving reasons. The passenger can withdraw from the agreed event date at any time by email to Withdrawals up to 3 days before the booked appointment are free of charge. From 2 days to 24 hours before the agreed date, cancellation costs of 50% will be charged. Vouchers and tickets become invalid when canceled and are valid again after receipt of the cancellation payment. It is not possible to refund the remaining purchase price. This also applies to vouchers and tickets from sales partners. For withdrawals within 24 hours, the cancellation costs are 100%.

Final provisions

Should parts of one of these Activetours.gr terms and conditions be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. An ineffective provision will be replaced by the provision that comes closest to the original one.

With the payment of the invoice amount, by verbally placing a transport order or by redeeming the flight ticket, the tandem passenger has concluded an air transport contract with the respective tandem pilot provider. Greek law applies to this contract.

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