Welcome to Greece!

What better way to experience the breathtaking landscape of our country, and become steeped in the atmosphere of the culture, than to take a guided tour of some of the best flying sites that we have to offer.


Our team will help you to discover flying sites on the Island of Lefkada, and also the mountainous areas of Pindos in Epirus, (Ioannina, Paramythia, Konitsa and Arta). Here the mountains range up to 2,500 meters.

Our flying sites are the perfect place for ambitious pilots to start their cross country flights.

Mount Mitsikeli, a 35 km long ridge whose highest elevation is 1,810 meters, is located to the north east of Ioannina, and has the distinction of holding both the distance and altitude records for paragliding in Greece at 195 km, and 4,300 meters respectively.

On the island of Lefkada itself, if we are lucky enough to receive just the right conditions, the entire West Coast can be flown.

We carefully select our launch and landing sites, so that even pilots in the beginning of their flying career will feel comfortable.


We are able to fly year round. If you are looking for going on cross country flights, the best time of year to visit us is in the fall or spring.


North West Greece is not only a spectacular place to go flying, but also offers opportunities for many outdoor activities, or cultural undertakings. If we should encounter days which are not flyable, or if your group would like to vary its activities, there are many possibilities, such as hiking, rafting, scuba diving, or canyoning, to mention a few.

Like all of Greece, the area of Epirus is steeped in history and myths. Humans have been inhabiting this area since the paleolithic period. Archeological sites, such as the shrine of Dodona, home of the oldest Hellenic oracle, dating back to at least the 8th century BCE, can be visited.

Following are 2 links to online sites providing information about our area.

Guide to Ioannina, prefecture of Epirus, Greece

Guide to North West Greece:


We supply transportation to and from your point of arrival in Greece, and throughout the paragliding flying journey.


We will organize the lodging according to what your group desires. There are many possibilities ranging from camping, simple bed and breakfasts, vacation apartments, to luxurious hotels. Just let us know what you are looking for as to lodging, and we will make all of the arrangements.


Hrisa is an avid photographer. If you would like to have your adventure photographed in still shots, or as a film, Hrisa would be happy to do this.


Pricing is dependent on factors such as how many people are in the group, what the group would like to do, what type of lodging is desired, whether transportation is desired, whether photography is wished for, and the duration of the journey.

All our prices contain 24% value added tax


Feel free to call, email or complete the online enquiry form. We will be happy to provide any additional information you require. Requests from clubs and flying schools are welcome.

Some impressions of our daily flights at Pindos and Lefkada !


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