The Island

Lefkada owes its name to the white rocks found on the island, lefkos in Greek meaning white, and it is the white sand from these rocks that turn the sea surrounding the island into an azure blue.

Lefkada only became an island in 650 BC when a canal was finished. So, even though it is an island, you can reach it by driving over the 50 meter long causeway from mainland Greece.

Once on the island you have your choice of environment. There are beautiful beaches with sparkling clean water, peaceful areas up in the mountains, and towns along the coast that cater to tourists, such as Lefkada, Vasiliki, or Nydri.

If you enjoy a lively environment on the beach, then head to Kathisma beach. If you would like to see some work of local artisans visit the mountain town of Karya (, which is known for its traditional embroidery and lace industry.


Traveling to Lefkada is very convenient. The following information is taken from the official lefkada site (

The tunnel between Preveza and Aktio provides easy access to the island from the north west of Greece, and the Port of Igoumenitsa (100 km).

The bridge Rio Antirio, near Patras, makes the connection between Lefkada and the rest of the eastern part of Greece, and with the port of Piraeus (170 km) easier than in the past.

By car:

Lefkada is the only island which can be visited by car without ferries; you just drive over the floating bridge which connects the island with Akarnia.

By bus:

Daily connections to Lefkada from Athens (378 km), and Thessaloniki (420 km) are offered by KTEL. Both trips are 5 hours long.

By plane:

From April through September direct flights from many points in Europe connect to the international airport Aktion, which is only 18 km from the town of Lefkada.

There are daily flights from Athens to Aktion throughout the year, and 2 flights weekly from Thessaloniki, and Crete. Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos are connecting destinations.


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